Inventory reporting columns in Gateway

There have been some changes to inventory reporting columns in the Gateway UI. Please note that no action is needed, and these changes do not affect how you will report your inventory, however, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the new appearance of inventory columns on the Products Page. 

When you view inventory from the Products Page, you’ll see that the former “Groupon Available QTY” column has been changed to “Merchant Remaining QTY”. In the MRQ "Merchant Remaining Quantity" column, you'll see how many product units you have left in your inventory.

Below is a rundown of the inventory columns you’ll see in Gateway.

Merchant Available QTY (MAQ): this column has not undergone any changes- it denotes the total number of units you've made available for sale on Groupon. The MAQ is the only inventory field that you are able to edit in Gateway and it will not change until you update this number in the Gateway portal, or via Gateway Bulk Upload.

Merchant Remaining QTY (MRQ): this column denotes the number of units still remaining to sell based on the current "Merchant Available Quantity" in Gateway. The unit count re-calculates automatically when the “Merchant Available Quantity” is updated by the vendor, when new orders are placed, or when open orders are canceled. You cannot edit the “Merchant Remaining Quantity” column directly.

Sold QTY: this column has not undergone any changes- it denotes the number of units that have been sold on Groupon across the entire life of the deal. The “Sold QTY” does not include units from returned or canceled orders. Merchants cannot edit the "Sold QTY" column.