Expected Reference Price Updates - August 2023

User Interface/Gateway

  • The Reference Price Link field is being moved from deal level to option level in Gateway and will remain a required field. The current Reference Price link on the deal will be backfilled to each option. See below.

Current (deal level):

New (option level):

  • Retail Site Link and Proof of Pricing Upload button will be removed from the Product Group page in Gateway.

  • Comparable Item Price will be removed as a Reference Price Type option from Gateway. Any deal currently containing this type will be backfilled with At Other Retailer.

Bulk Upload and Price & Quantity templates

  • Proof of Reference Price URL fields will be removed from the Bulk Upload template. 

  • Reference Price Type field will be added to the Bulk Upload template.

  • Comparable Item Price cannot be used as a Reference Price Type option in the Bulk Upload or Price & Quantity templates. At Other Retailer and MSRP are acceptable.
  • Reference Price, Reference Price Type, and Reference Price URL fields will be added to the P&Q template.


Common Issues

  • Bulk Upload File Errors
    • “Reference Price is not a number -or- Reference Price Type is not included in the list -or- Reference Price URL is invalid”

      Problem: You are using an outdated Bulk Template or you have left Reference Price fields empty

      Solution: Please download your catalog or the Third Party Template from the Bulk Upload tool in Gateway to access the most updated template and make sure Reference Price fields are not empty before uploading. Reference Price, Reference Price Type, and Reference Price URL fields are required for each option. Leaving these fields empty will result in a file upload error.

  • Product Rejections

    • "Deal Reference Price does not match website Reference Price"

      Problem: The Reference Price available at the Reference Price URL you provided does not match the Reference Price amount listed in Gateway.

      Solution: Please update the Reference Price amount listed in Gateway or provide a Reference Price URL that matches the Reference Price amount you listed in Gateway for the product.

  • Your product listing must meet the below to be fully approved:

    - NOT have a listed Reference Price of $10,000 or greater; and

    - NOT have a Sale Price that equals a discount (rounded to the nearest whole %) of 90% or greater

            - Reference Price must be higher than the sell price.

            - Reference Price URL must begin with http:// or https://; URL must be valid.

            - At Other Retailer and MSRP are the only available Reference Price Types that can be used.

  • eBay Reference Prices

    - We do not suggest using eBay for reference prices because they do not have standardized pricing on their site.

    - On eBay, the price will often fluctuate. This is not ideal to use for reference price, so if you sell this product on another platform, we highly encourage you to use a different link.

Product Screening

  • The Product Screening team will be reviewing all Reference Price fields (including URL) at the option level.
  • Changes to Reference Price, Reference Price Type, and/or Reference Price URL fields, whether in Gateway or via Bulk/P&Q templates, will send the deal into review.
  • After release, deals should not automatically go into review if the Reference Price URL doesn't match the Reference Price listed in Gateway. The only way the deal could be rejected for the URL not matching the Reference Price listed in Gateway is if the deal is sent into review due to a product edit or if the deal is created post-release.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please open a support ticket.