Where Do My Email Notifications Go?


Different types of account notifications go to different email addresses listed on your profile to communicate important information.


  • Legal Notices, Chargeback Details, Performance Reports and Policy Change emails go to the Business Contact Email.  We can only have one email address listed as the business contact. If you would like these notifications to go out to multiple people, we suggest setting up an email distribution list.

    • Once the Legal Business Name and TIN have been verified and Business Owner/Contact Email has accepted the Merchant Agreement. The Business Contact Email address provided cannot be altered. This is due to the signed merchant agreement with Goods Marketplace that establishes the terms under which the merchant lists and sells their products. 

  • Customer Contact notifications and Ticketing SLA alerts emails go to your Customer Service Email.

  • Payment and Invoice Reports emails go to the Accounts Receivable Email.

  • Order notification emails default to the merchant's selections in Commerce Interface. 

  • Automated dead tracking and partially shipped notification emails and files are sent to the Fulfillment Contact (Business Info Tab of Gateway Profile).

Transactional emails can come from any of the following. Please make sure to put these addresses into your contacts so that sent emails do not go to spam folders.