Product Screening Process


Whenever you create a new product listing on Goods Marketplace, your listing automatically begins the product screening process. All products must successfully clear this process before they can go live on our customer-facing portal. 


Once you submit your new product listing, our dedicated Product Screening Team will closely review each individual product in your product group. This team will evaluate for full compliance with Goods Marketplace product guidelines. Once the Product Screening team has approved of the content in your deal, it will be passed along to our Buying team for additional approval. If the Buying team approves of your deal, it will go live. If the Buying team does not approve of your deal, it will be rejected and will not go live.


The screening process generally takes up to 7 days, at which point your product will move from “Pending” to either “Live” or “Rejected.”




Avoiding Product Rejections

The product screening process is vital to our mission of ensuring a positive customer experience on Goods Marketplace, but we understand product rejections can be frustrating. By referencing the materials below when creating new listings, you can help make certain your listings are compliant with our guidelines before submitting for approval.


 Product Photo Requirements  Product Description Guidelines   Product Title Guidelines 

 ⬥ Product and Brand Restrictions


 Product Approvals Breakdown

Clicking the “Approvals” link on the Gateway side navigation bar will direct you to a breakdown of your inventory as it relates to the product screening process. The Approvals page is separated into two main sections.



Rejected Products View 

If you select your REJECTED products under the Approval Stats section of this page, you’ll be directed to a view of all of your store’s currently rejected product listings. From here, you can view the individual reason(s) provided for your product’s rejection.


Click on any product to navigate towards the “Edit” view for that listing, where you can implement the necessary changes, then “SAVE” to re-submit for approval. 




Fixing a Rejected Listing

If your product is rejected, fix the listed issues, then click “Save”. The product will then restart the product screening process. This may take an additional 7 days.


The following support article outlines some common issues that cause merchants to have their listings rejected, and the solutions you can apply when resubmitting for approval.


For a list of common rejections and their solutions, see Fixing Rejected Product Issues