Supported Shipping Carriers

Verifiable tracking is critical for providing a positive experience to both our customers and merchants. Merchants failing to upload accurate tracking from a supported carrier may result in issues processing payments for those orders.


Please see the revised list of updated carriers below, then reference our corresponding Approved Carrier Codes to ensure your tracking is being uploaded correctly. 

Approved Carriers

Any carrier or shipping service level NOT listed below cannot be used by merchants for order fulfillment. Orders shipped using an unsupported carrier or service level will not be eligible for payment. 

  • DHL 

  • FedEx

  • UPS, UPS Mail Innovations 

  • USPS

  • ABF

  • AIT Worldwide

  • Associated Global Systems

  • CEVA

  • Canadian Post

  • Esquire

  • Fidelitone

  • JB Hunt

  • MXD Group

  • Manna

  • NVC Logistics

  • Old Dominion

  • R&L Carriers

  • STI

  • XPO Logistics

Using the Correct "Carrier Code"

The most common cause for broken or invalid tracking is inaccurate Carrier Codes.  That's why it's so important that merchants verify all order information is accurate before uploading new tracking into CommerceInterface. 

Merchants should be certain they're accurately inputting the correct Carrier Code when completing the "shipment_carrier" field for each order.