Supported Shipping Carriers

Verifiable tracking is critical for providing a positive experience to both our customers and merchants. Merchants failing to upload accurate tracking from a supported carrier may result in issues processing payments for those orders.


Please see the revised list of updated carriers below, then reference our corresponding Approved Carrier Codes to ensure your tracking is being uploaded correctly. 

Approved Carriers

Any carrier or shipping service level NOT listed below cannot be used by merchants for order fulfillment. 

Orders shipped using an unsupported carrier or service level will not be eligible for payment. **This includes consolidator services in partnership with USPS.**

Please ensure that you have predictive/virtual scanning turned off with your carrier partner. These automated scans do not indicate tracking movement; any order with these scans will be flagged as dead tracking.

Approved Small Parcel Carriers

  • Amazon FBA (i.e. TBA tracking)

  • DHL 

  • FedEx

  • UPS

  • UPS Mail Innovations 

  • USPS

Approved LTL Carriers (speak to your Operations Account Manager prior to using any of the below carriers for delivery)

  • ABF

  • AIT Worldwide

  • Associated Global Systems

  • CEVA

  • JB Hunt

  • MXD Group

  • Manna

  • R&L Carriers

  • STI

Using the Correct "Carrier Code"

The most common cause for broken or invalid tracking is inaccurate Carrier Codes. It's important that merchants verify all order information is accurate before uploading tracking into Commerce Interface

Your order will not track movement in our system properly unless you use the correct Approved Carrier Codes from the below list in your tracking upload file to Commerce Interface.

ABF or abf
AIT Worldwide
AIT or ait
Associated Global Systems
AGS or ags
Amazon FBAAMZLUS or amzlus
CEVA or ceva
DHL or dhl
FEDEX or fedex
JB Hunt
JBH or jbh
MXD Group
MXD or mxd
MNA or mna
R&L Carriers
RRCAR or rrcar
STI or sti
UPS or ups
UPS Mail Innovations
UPSMI or upsmi
USPS or usps