Receiving Merchant Scorecard via E-mail

All active merchants receive an e-mail containing their Merchant Scorecard weekly. This e-mail is delivered to the primary e-mail address associated with your account, and contains a full breakdown of your current account standing, and a snapshot of your performance as of that week.

Your scores will be reflective of your performance over the previous 30 days. This means it will take 30 days for any order or ticket to "roll off" your Merchant Scorecard, and your metrics will continue to be impacted by any orders failing to meet our Merchant Scorecard performance goals until this period has elapsed. 

Finding Merchant Scorecard Online

Your Merchant Scorecard can also be accessed at any time by visiting our Merchant Support portal. Once you are logged in, you should be able to find a navigation tab that says "Account Scorecard".

*If you are having trouble signing into the Merchant Support portal, please first make sure the email you are signing in with is registered. If it is already registered and the forgot password tool isn't helping, please create a support ticket with us as we may need to resend you the activation link for that email.

Understanding Your Merchant Scorecard

Your Merchant Scorecard is essential in understanding your account standing, and your failure to meet these standards may result in your account activity being suspended. 

 A full breakdown of each scorecard metrics and its respective performance goal can be found in the support article Understanding Your Merchant Scorecard

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Understanding Your Merchant Scorecard