Manage Account

You can manage your Gateway account by clicking on Profile, under Manage, in the left-hand navigation. Once you have navigated to your profile, you will see the various sections of your account that can be managed.

Simply click on the Edit Info button in the top right-hand corner to manage the Business Info, Fulfillment, and Payments sections. Please note that you cannot edit your legal business name or business contact email address. If you need to edit either of these fields, please open a support ticket so that we can assist you. Also, the Taxes and Terms & Agreement sections cannot be edited after they have been completed. 

Manage Users

In the upper right-hand corner, you will notice that you can toggle between profile and users. When you navigate to users, you can see which users have access to the account and what permissions they have. User permissions will show as either owner or member under Relationship

Please noteAccount users are not automatically generated from your Customer Service and Accounts Receivable email addresses provided during account creation. You cannot log in to Gateway with these email addresses unless they have been added as users by the account owner.

Adding Users

If you are an owner of the account, you can add new users in this section by clicking +Add User. Once you have filled out the necessary information for the user and selected owner or member from the drop-down, make sure to select the send invitation checkbox before you click save. This ensures the user receives an email to set up their password. You may have to resend this email if the user does not access the link to set up their password within 24 hours.


Once a user has been added in Gateway, thier login CommerceInterface account will be auto-created with the same user credentials, and that user will be able to login with the same password use on the Gateway Portal. 

Deactivating Users

As the account owner user, you can deactivate a member user from your account. However, as the account owner user, you cannot deactivate another owner user from your account. Please create a support ticket to request the deactivation of another owner user on your account. There must be at least one active owner user on the account in order for any additional owner users to be deactivated

Simply click on the user status dropdown, select Inactive and then click Save to deactivate a user. To reactivate an inactive user, click on the user status dropdown, select Active and then click SaveRefresh your page to see the changes.

Once an owner or member user is deactivated from an account, that user will not be able to log in to Gateway and no other users may be generated with that email address. Deactivating a user in Gateway does not also deactivate the user’s access to CommerceInterface (CI). Please log in to CI to deactivate the user’s access there as well.

Managing your Commerce Interface Notifications

You have access to manage user email notification alerts for CommerceInterface directly within the portal. To begin, select "Account Settings > Preferences" on the left hand navigation panel. 

Then, scroll down to the "Personal Preferences" header. Here you will find the option to select or deselect certain types of email notifications coming to your inbox. For example, if you'd like to opt out of order related emails, uncheck the first box and click save. 

If you have any additional questions, please open a support ticket.