Marketplace Cart allows customers to purchase multiple products in a single checkout.


Marketplace Cart also allows “multiple-quantity orders”. Multiple-quantity orders have three specific processes for merchant order fulfillment:

  • “Fill or kill” fulfillment

  • Multiple-quantity tracking upload

  • Shared shipping fees

You can view the quantity for any order in CommerceInterface. You can view the quantity by opening the order individually or by exporting your Orders file.



*For an overview of order management in CommerceInterface, see our Order Fulfillment Guide


Multiple-Quantity Order Fulfillment 

Fill or kill, no order should be partially fulfilled/shipped

  • Cancel any order if you can’t fulfill the whole quantity.

  • Orders that are in 'partially shipped' status after 7 business days will be automatically canceled.


What qualifies as a “multiple-quantity order”?


Marketplace Cart allows customers to purchase multiple products in a single checkout. However, merchants will only receive a “multiple-quantity order” when a customer purchases multiple quantities of a single product option in the same checkout.


Below are 3 different scenarios where a customer purchases multiple products from the same merchant using Marketplace Cart. Only Scenario #3 results in a “multiple-quantity order”.


Multiple-Quantity Tracking Uploads

  • When uploading tracking, you must update the "shipped quantity" field to reflect the items you have shipped. 

  • If you upload tracking and kept the quantity at 1, but the order was placed with a quantity of 3, that order will not show as successfully fulfilled until you have also updated the quantity field. 


Please note that the order details in CI will show "Revenue" per 1 quantity, even with multiple quantity orders (see example below.) It may appear that you are not receiving the full and correct amount for an order but as long as your order is successfully and completely fulfilled, your invoice will include the full amount for the quantity ordered.