Customers shopping on Groupon Goods Marketplace will soon have access to a new “Marketplace Cart” feature. Marketplace Cart allows customers to purchase multiple products in a single checkout.

Once Marketplace Cart goes live, merchants may begin to receive “multiple-quantity orders”. Multiple-quantity orders will introduce four specific process changes for merchant order fulfillment:

  • “Fill or kill” fulfillment

  • Multiple-quantity tracking uploads

  • Shared shipping fees

  • No partial refunds

  • Orders that are in 'partially shipped' status after 14 business days will be automatically canceled.

You can view the quantity for any order in CommerceInterface. You can view the quantity by opening the order individually or by exporting your Orders file.

For an overview of order management in CommerceInterface, see our Order Fulfillment Guide

Multiple-Quantity Order Fulfillment 

Fill or kill, no order should be partially fulfilled/shipped

  • Cancel any order if you can’t fulfill the whole quantity.

Shipping Fees

Multiple-quantity orders introduce shipping fees are charged only once per line item. That means, for example, if a customer is checking out with two different Goods Marketplace products then the merchant set shipping fees would only be charged once for the appropriate line regardless of the quantity ordered. The following shipping charges examples demonstrates how multiple quantity and single shipping charges would be applied:

Shared Tracking Numbers

Tracking information can be shared when the same customer ordered the exact same product in the same checkout as indicated by the Shopping Cart ID (found in CI).


You can use separate tracking in any instance if desired, but if so use a Parent tracking number (you can get this from your carrier) for each line item rather than the child tracking number.


What qualifies as a “multiple-quantity order”?

Marketplace Cart allows customers to purchase multiple products in a single checkout. However, merchants will only receive a “multiple-quantity order” when a customer purchases multiple quantities of a single product option in the same checkout.

Below are 3 different scenarios where a customer purchases multiple products from the same merchant using Marketplace Cart. Only Scenario #3 results in a “multiple-quantity order”.

Partial Refunds

Less than full quantity refunds are available in CommerceInterface after an order has been shipped. When marking an order returned in CI you will be prompted to provide the quantity being refunded. Note that the customer will only receive a refund of the shipping fee if the full quantity has been refunded.

As a reminder, the merchant is not required to accept returns or offer refunds for items marked “Final Sale” unless the item is defective or if the order is not correctly fulfilled. We have found that orders for products listed with a Final Sale return policy tend to receive lower customer satisfaction scores which can negatively impact your Performance Scorecard and ability to continue selling on Groupon Goods Marketplace.

In the instance where a merchant is to process a refund, the merchant will need to provide a return shipping label with tracking to facilitate this return, free of charge to the customer. If the merchant refuses to process a return or refund, our Customer Support team will intervene and refund the customer without requiring the item to be returned.