Last updated 6/18/2020


Non-Compliance Reason


Performance Trigger


(using a rolling 30 day performance)

Non-Compliance Fee


(charged for all instances of non-compliance if the applicable Performance Trigger is met)

Late Tracking Upload

Shipment Tracking Information received past due 

< 98.00% of units receive tracking on time

10% of MC (as defined below)  for first day late + additional 1% of MC for each additional day late thereafter unless and until either Shipment Tracking Information is received or the order is cancelled

Late Drop Ship - Late Movement

Ship confirmation received after Expected Tracking Movement Date

< 97.00% of tracking numbers move on time

10% of MC for the first day late + 1% of MC for each additional day late thereafter unless and until either ship confirmation is received or the order is cancelled

Merchant Order Cancellation

Pre-fulfillment refund that the customer did not request

>0.50% units are cancelled


Merchant Order Return

Post-fulfillment refund that the customer did not initiate or the refund was executed using one of the following reason types: wrong item received; defective product received; damaged in transit; or dead tracking.

>0.50% units are returned


Wrong Tracking Number Needing Correction or Invalid Tracking

Merchant loads incorrect shipment tracking information which needs to be corrected by Groupon agent


shipment tracking information shows delivered to incorrect address or shipped before order placed



Customer to Merchant Ticket Escalation

Customer service ticket is not responded to within 1 business day or resolved within 7 business days and is escalated for review and handling by Groupon Customer Service



Negative Customer Satisfaction Response

Customer contact tickets to the merchant that result in negative Customer Satisfaction survey response

< 50% on 5 or more survey responses

$5/negative CSAT

Product Delivered Late

Customer received item later than 6 calendar days after Order Information was sent to the merchant for fulfillment.

< 85.00% of orders are delivered within 6 calendar days



**For purposes of this Agreement, “MC” means Sales Proceeds less Commission Fees.**