Regrouping and Ungrouping Products in your Catalog

If you have products in separate product groups that should be in the same product group, you will have to delete the products prior to adding them back into a new product group. If you do not delete and try to move them by changing the variation grouping ID, you will receive the error "Product Identifier Maximum allowed use of this Product Identifier has already been reached.". 


Step One 


Export your Full Catalog - this is very important. If you don't export your catalog first, you won't be able to access the product info later on. The catalog can be downloaded by clicking on the Full Catalog button on the Bulk Upload page.


Open the downloaded file in Excel. 

When editing CSVs, Excel will automatically attempt to format the figures in your UPC column in Scientific Notation. To prevent errors, convert format to "NUMBER" or "TEXT" if there are any leading zeros.


Step Two 


Delete the products in Gateway that you want to regroup. 

Review this article for how to remove products or product groups.


Step Three


Make a copy of your full catalog that you exported in step 1. Then, to focus only on the products you are looking to edit, delete all rows except for those you are trying to regroup. 

Then, change the Variation Grouping IDs to match the products you want to group. Ensure the Product Group fields match. 

  • Note: For this to work the products that are being grouped need to have all product group fields exactly the same. For example: Category ID, Product/Product Group Title, Description, What's in the Box, Warranty fields, Manufacturer, Brand, Bullet Description, etc


Step Four

Save as a CSV and upload to Gateway.