Fine Metal Jewelry

This category is for fine metal jewelry without any stones or crystals.


The fine metal jewelry category consists of metals that are precious, such as gold or platinum families. It additionally includes jewelry made with an underlying precious metal such as sterling silver. Fine metal jewelry excludes any product with the base metals of alloy, brass, stainless steel, etc.


If the product has stones or crystals, please navigate to the correct subcategory (Diamond, Gemstone, or Fashion Jewelry)


Fashion Jewelry

The fashion jewelry category does not consist of products that contain precious stones/gemstones, semi-precious stones/gemstones, pearls, diamonds, etc. It does consist of stones such as crystals, Cubic Zirconia, imitation pearls, and synthetic stones. Other fashion jewelry materials consist of enamel, glass, rhinestone, rubber, wood, etc. Fashion jewelry metals include alloy, brass, stainless steel, as well as sterling silver (if inclusive of the aforementioned stones), etc.


Any mentions of the below need to be corrected to accurately describe the product or adjusted to reflect the accurate category.



If genuine or lab-grown, belong in Diamond Jewelry. Lab-grown must be clearly and accurately identified in attributes and description.

If synthetic, adjust verbiage to accurately describe (crystal, glass, etc.) and move the product group to fashion jewelry


If the stone is precious, semi-precious, lab-created, this belongs in Gemstone & Pearl Jewelry.

If a gemstone name is being used to describe color or as an attribute, adjust verbiage to accurately describe (crystal, glass, etc.) and move the product group to fashion jewelry.


If the product is plated, adjust attribute and description to include base and plating. Adjust category according to the above mentions of metal placement and move product group to fashion jewelry.  For example, a 14K gold plated necklace with a brass base should be categorized as fashion jewelry. This holds true, even if there is no stone. A necklace that is 14K solid gold belongs in fine metal. This also holds true if the base metal is sterling silver. 

** Please note - Incorrectly listing and/or misrepresenting materials as anything other than what they are may result in the suspension or removal of your selling privileges along with non-compliance fees. Groupon’s full Anti-Misrepresentation and Anti-Manipulation Policy can be found here.