Understanding Your Dead Tracking File

Your company may receive an email notification titled 'Groupon Goods Dead Tracking Orders' if any of your orders had tracking uploaded to Commerce Interface, but are still not showing movement on the corresponding carrier's site after 48+ hours. These notifications come from do-not-reply@groupon.com with an Excel sheet of order level details attached. Please have this address whitelisted so you do not miss any notifications. These notifications are sent on a daily basis, but if you don't have any late movement orders, you will not receive this message.

If you receive an attachment, and you believe the tracking number is accurate, please make sure the correct carrier is selected, and that you do not have any typos in the tracking number itself. You may also need to contact the carrier to investigate further and resolve. 

Orders need to show movement within 30 days of tracking upload or they will not be updated. If you submit a tracking update and your new tracking number has already been delivered by the carrier, it is possible that your order will not get invoiced.

Additional things to note:

  • Any deal with over 100 units of dead tracking may be paused.
  • If a tracking number is showing movement at the time of this notification, you can disregard that order.
  • Orders are automatically eligible for a refund if they do not show movement for 20+ days since tracking upload

Below is further clarity on key column meanings: 

Vendor Email - The address on file to receive these notifications. This is going to whoever you have listed as the "business contact" in Gateway. We are only able to send these reports to one address - if you’d like the send-to address changed at any point, please submit a ticket.

Order ID - This is a unique ID assigned to every Groupon order. You can use the line item ID to search for the order in Commerce Interface. This is also a reference for Customer Service matters. 

Line Item ID – This is another unique ID assigned to every Groupon order. You can use the line item ID to search for the order in Commerce Interface. This is also a reference for invoicing. 

CI Order Date - The date the customer placed the order on our site. 

Due On Date – Date order was due to have tracking uploaded to Commerce Interface. This is assigned based on your approved SLA, and also reflected in CI.

Tracking Received Date – Date tracking was uploaded to Commerce Interface by your company.

Days Since Tracking Uploaded - Number of days since your company has uploaded tracking to Commerce Interface.

Order Quantity – Number of units the customer purchased of the item.

Tracking Number – Tracking number associated with this order which was provided by your company via Commerce Interface. If there are any typos, this would cause the order to appear on your dead tracking file. All tracking numbers must be entered accurately in order to be considered on time movement.

Carrier - The carrier that your company assigned to this tracking number. Please note if the carrier is incorrect for any reason, it will likely appear on this file as an order with late movement. The carrier must be accurate in order for our systems to identify the order as successfully in transit. If carrier was uploaded incorrectly by mistake, please use this tracking update form