Product Image Requirements

Groupon Goods Marketplace requires large high-quality photographs of each product listed on our portal.  Any images you use during product creation should meet the requirements listed below.


Dimensions & resolution

In order to achieve high-quality imagery, please submit the highest resolution versions of images available.

  • Aspect Ratio must be 5:3

  • Minimum resolution - 1000px by 600px

  • Maximum resolution - 2048px by 1229px

  • Images must be at least 1400 x 840 pixels for zoom functionality`

File formats

  • Acceptable image file formats are .JPG, .GIF and .PNG.
  • Currently images in WebP format are not accepted, but we are working to include this format in the future.
    • Please make sure your image is not in WebP format (even if it currently has an accepted suffix - example: .jpeg)

URL requirements

  • If uploading via URL, image URLs must be fully formed and valid 
    (no spaces, must begin with http:// or https://)

  • Image URLs cannot be redirects


Format requirements

  • Images must be horizontally oriented

  • Product-only images should be centered on a white background

  • Composite images should be placed on a unified background color with no noticeable lines or gradients. Products in composite images should appear grounded or on the same plane, should fill the template, and be in proportion to each other and their environment.

  • Lifestyle images should clearly explain the product without misrepresenting or misleading the customer

  • Images must be free of any logos, text, or graphics

  • The supplier must own the image and/or have the legal right to provide the image to Groupon for use on Groupon’s website. Legally, we can only use images that meet these requirements.

Content requirements

  • Include only what the customer will receive

  • Show the entire product; the product should occupy at least 85% of the image area

  • Alternate images can be different angles, views, or swatches, or lifestyle images.  

  • Images of live models that use poses that could be interpreted as indecent, excessively erotic, or lewd are not permitted as determined by Groupon.

Product Photo Support Materials