1. Once I’m setup with EDI, who do I reach out to for support? 

    • Please submit an EDI Support ticket via support portal (select Orders → EDI Issue) so our EDI team can help you as quickly as possible. Select EDI Support as the Contact Reason

  2. What format is accepted by Groupon EDI? 

    • Groupon’s EDI only accepts X12 formatting. Groupon does not support direct EDI integrations. 

  3. Does EDI support non-dropship deals? 

    • No, EDI currently only supports dropship deals in both Gateway and Goods Central. EDI does not support bulk purchase orders that are routed through Groupon’s warehouse. 

  4. Does Groupon charge a fee for EDI integration/usage? 

    • No, Groupon does not charge a fee, however, we do only support VAN integrations. The vendor will be responsible for any charges associated with their VAN set up and transaction fees. 

  5. Does Groupon have a preferred VAN? 

    • Groupon utilizes Intertrade as our VAN, but we can interconnect with any Tier 1 VAN. 

  6. Do you support the 810 invoice? 

    • No, Groupon does not support the 810 feed. The current invoicing process will remain the same and you can access your invoices in Remittance Center (within Commerce Interface). 

  7. Can I only use the 846 inventory feed or do I have to use all supported transactions? 

    • Yes, you can send only the 846 inventory feed without the 855 and the 856. Do note that the 846 inventory feed only works with deals created in Gateway and not Goods Central (Commerce Interface). 

  8. Can we send cost changes via the 846?

    • No, the 846 only updates inventory. Cost is not supported via 846. Cost changes for deals created in Gateway can be made individually in the Gateway portal or using the Cost & Quantity bulk upload csv. Only include SKU's that need to have inventory updated; do not send your entire catalog. 

  9. Does the 856 support multiple tracking numbers? 

    • EDI does support multiple tracking numbers per parent order ID. It does not, however, support multiple shipments for the same SKU in an order.

  10. Do we still need to enter the tracking number for orders in the Commerce Interface (CI) portal once we are setup with EDI?

    • No, once you send the 856 with tracking info that will automatically push data to CI and you will still have access to view your orders. It should take no more than 15-20 minutes for orders to reflect correctly in CI from the 856 feed. If you are not using the 856 feed, you will have to update the tracking numbers manually in CI. 

  11. We provided the incorrect tracking number(s) on the 856, how can we correct it?
    • Do not send another 856 as that will have no effect on the order. Instead, let us know and your Account Manager will provide a replacement tracking document and upload it to Commerce Interface.  

  12. What is the difference between IR and R4 rejection codes for the 855?

    • IR = reject, outside service area / invalid address

    • R4 = reject, no inventory

  13. Shipping method on the 850, TD5 segment says "BEST," which carrier do I use to ship?

    • If you ship on your own account, choose the best shipping option for you. However, note that we only accept certain carriers which are listed here along with the carrier codes you should return on the 856. 

    • If you ship on Groupon's account, refer to the FedEx Routing Letter that was provided to you at time of onboarding. Our accepted carrier codes are listed here