Groupon Goods Marketplace accounts have access to two main systems. Gateway is used to handle product creation and inventory management, while Commerce Interface (CI) is used for order fulfillment. 

To manage customer orders, start by logging onto CI ( When prompted with a world map, select the United States as the country of choice. 

Once a country is selected, you will be directed to a login page. Here, you should enter the same credentials used for your Gateway account. You will have to choose which account you would like to access from the dropdown menu. The accounts listed should be your First and Third-Party accounts. You should now be successfully logged into CI! 

The guide below will assist you in using this platform to download customer orders, upload tracking information manually, as well as handle all order cancellations and refunds.

NOTE: Great news! CI does support API shipping integration. If you're interested in using that functionality, instructions can be found here. Otherwise, follow the steps below!


SLA Standards for Merchant Performance

The following are five key areas of Order Fulfillment where Groupon Goods Marketplace SLAs require full compliance. Failing to comply in any of these areas will reflect poorly on your Merchant Scorecard and could result in Non-compliance Fees and/or suspension of your deals/account. 

  • Order Tracking Uploaded / 1 Business Day
    • Tracking must be uploaded within one (1) Business Day after a Product is purchased, or (b) the due on time date listed in CommerceInterface at the time of purchase.
    • Your carrier must be on our list of “Approved Shipping Carriers”.
    • Early/invalid tracking uploads will negatively impact your performance metrics and could lead to suspension.
    • Orders that do not have tracking uploaded after 7 business days will be automatically canceled.
    • Orders that are in ‘partially shipped’ status after 14 business days will be automatically canceled  
  • Order Tracking Showing Movement / 2 Business Days
    • Tracking needs to show movement within 3 business days of order creation. 
    • Before your order can be processed for payment, your uploaded tracking information must show transit scans by the carrier.
  • Cycle Time/ Average 6 Calendar Days
    • On-time deliveries play a crucial role in maintaining satisfactory performance metrics. The average time elapsed between the date you receive an order, and the date it’s marked delivered should be 6 calendar days.
    • If your average delivery cycle time falls below 6 days, this will negatively impact your Merchant Scorecard, and could lead to compliance fees
  • Customer Ticket Response / 1 Business Day 
    • Any new ticket or reply by a customer must receive a merchant response within 24 business hours. 
    • Subsequent responses should take no longer than 24 business hours.
    • See our Customer Ticketing Guide for full insight into our ticket system.
  • Returns / Merchant must honor policy, provide Return Label
    • Select a return policy that meets your needs and your ability to comply.
    • ‘Final Sale’ policies must still allow for refunds or replacements due to defective products or incorrect fulfillment. 
    • In the case of a return, merchants must always provide their customers a return label. Merchants failing to comply with this policy may be subject to suspension or even account termination.  

Downloading Order Files

NOTE: These same steps can be followed to download tracking templates

1. Sign into CI and click on Orders in the left-hand menu bar.

2. Navigating to the Orders page, you will find listed all current customer orders that have been placed on your Goods Marketplace store. Use the “Search” menu on the upper-right corner of the page to filter your orders by various fields such as Order Status and SKU.

Merchant View of Orders page

“Search” tool helps you filter for specific orders using a variety of criteria before downloading. 

3. To export these orders, click on the Export tab and then select “Orders”. 

*Do not select Packing Slip or Bundle (all) because the Packing Slip templates are designed for Groupon fulfillment and therefore, do not reflect your individual fulfillment details. 

4. Select the file format you would like your orders in. We generally recommend merchants download their orders in .XLSX for ease of editing. 

5. A confirmation that this file is being downloaded will appear at the top of the screen. 

6. You can move onto the next step once a red circle with a white number appears atop the “Exports/Imports” icon in the left-hand menu. This indicates your download is now ready. Click on the “Exports/Imports” icon. 

7. You should now see a list of all exports you have created in CI over the past 5 days. Click on “Download” next to your most recent order export(s) to download the file. 

*Note, if you have issues downloading your export, please reference this support article

8. Your selected orders are now downloaded! Edit this file to input complete and accurate tracking information. You may then proceed onto Uploading Tracking Information

Uploading Tracking Information

Multiple orders can share a single Tracking Number only if the shipping addresses are identical

Sometimes a merchant may receive multiple orders from the same customer. If the addresses are IDENTICAL, merchants may ship them with the same tracking number. If anything in the addresses are different (including abbreviations and capitalizations), merchants MUST ship the orders separately.

Approved Carriers for Goods Marketplace  

The most common cause for broken or invalid tracking is inaccurate Carrier Codes. It's important that merchants verify all order information is accurate before uploading tracking into Commerce Interface.

Your order will not track movement in our system properly unless you use the correct Approved Carrier Codes from the below list in your tracking upload file to CI. 

Instructions for Uploading Tracking Information

1. Sign into CommerceInterface if you haven’t already, then click the Orders icon in the left-hand menu.

2. From the Orders page, click on the “Import” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen, next to “Search”. 

3. This should open up a small drop-down where you can upload your completed orders file. Before uploading, be sure that “Tracking Numbers” is selected under “Import Type”.


4. To upload your tracking file, click on the plus sign button under “File (.csv or .xlsx)”.


5. Select the order file from your computer, then click “Import” to upload. We generally recommend merchants upload as a “.csv” file. If the orders were first downloaded as an “.xlsx”, you can still export your completed tracking file as a “.csv”.

6. To see that your tracking information has successfully uploaded, open up the Dashboard tab in the left-hand navigation menu, then select “Fulfillment Tracker Real Time”. 

This will direct you to the “Fulfillment Tracker” page. From here, you can click on the number listed in the “Tracking Rec” column, and all tracked shipments will be listed.

Order Cancellations/Refunds

If for any reason you wish to initiate a cancellation on an order, instructions are provided below for individual order cancellations, as well as larger bulk cancellations. 

Please keep in mind that any order canceled by the merchant will automatically initiate a refund for the customer.

Canceling Orders Individually  

1. From the Orders page, click on "Search" and select the Order Status “Open” to filter for currently active orders. Find the order you'd like to cancel, then click on the gear icon to the far right of that order. This will take you into the Order Detail View

2. The Order Detail View will allow you to view information specific to that particular order and customer. From this page, find the “Action” tab on the bottom-right, then open up the drop-down menu and click on "Cancel".

3. A pop-up box will appear asking you "Are you sure you want to Cancel this LineItem?". To cancel, you will need to select "Cancel LineItem". Another pop-up box will appear. Provide the appropriate reason for this order’s cancellation, then select "Apply". 

Canceling Orders in Bulk

In some situations, merchants may need to cancel multiple orders at once. In these instances, you will once again begin in the “Orders” tab of CI. From here, first filter for your Open Orders by clicking on "Search" and filtering accordingly. 

Search through this list of Open Orders for the orders you’d like to cancel. You can either select only the orders you want to cancel, or leave all orders unselected (the pop-up window will give you the option to either cancel only the selected orders, or ALL orders filtered for).

Note: We encourage our merchants to do everything possible to avoid canceling large numbers of orders at a time. If you simply need to wait a few days to restock before fulfilling, keep in mind cancellations have a greater impact on your Merchant Scorecard than late orders.

Updating Tracking Information

Merchants cannot manually update their own tracking information on existing orders from within CommerceInterface. They will need to submit a request to make these changes via this form

This means it’s imperative that merchants do everything possible to avoid broken or inaccurate tracking uploads. However, in the situation that an order's tracking number does need to be modified, merchants will need to follow the steps outlined below: 


  • Dead tracking orders that are over 30 days old will not be updated.
  • If you are submitting a tracking update and your new tracking number has already shown movement and/or delivery on the carrier's website, it is possible that your order will not get invoiced. 
  • As a reminder, only supported carriers should be used when uploading tracking information into Commerce Interface (CI).
  • In order to maintain a good shopping experience for customers on Groupon, we may suspend accounts or apply compliance fees that continually provide invalid tracking numbers.