Gateway Account Setup Guide

Walk-through, Tips & Troubleshooting to set up your new merchant account

This Account Creation Checklist provides step-by-step instructions, tips, and trouble-shooting for activating your new Gateway account. Until these steps are fully completed, merchants will not be able to list products or fulfill orders on Groupon Goods Marketplace. 

1. Log in to your Gateway account

Forgot Password?

You can reset your password at any time by going to the Gateway portal, then navigating to the Forgot Password link. If you are having trouble, you should open a ticket with our support team


2. Complete “Profile” section on Gateway

Once you’ve logged into Gateway, all merchants must go to the “Profile” page (found on the left-hand navigation bar) and complete all required sections.

Link to "Profile" Page on Gateway



3. Set up or link an Avalara AvaTax account under ”Taxes” 

From the “Profile” page, navigate to the Taxes tab. From here, scroll to the bottom of the page and read through the Avalara terms and conditions. You may then check the box and click submit. 

You will then receive an e-mail from Avalara with password instructions for your new Avalara account. This AvaTax account is offered free-of-charge, and must be created in order to activate your Gateway account. 

If you have an existing AvaTax account, you will want to link your account instead, by clicking "Link my Avalara Tax account to Gateway." From here you will be directed to submit your Account ID, License Key, and Company Code.

For more information on setting up or linking an AvaTax account in Gateway, please review our Setting up Avalara AvaTax.

Questions about state taxes on Goods Marketplace?

If you have questions about state taxes on Groupon Goods Marketplace, please review our Marketplace Tax FAQ.

4. Enter banking details under “Payments”

From the “Profile” page, navigate to the Payments tab. Merchants must input valid, US-based banking information. These banking details should also correspond with the Legal Business Name listed on your account. Please also make sure your "Accounts Receivable Email" is listed properly; all payment and invoice reports will be sent to this email address.

Having issues saving your Payment Info?

If you are experiencing an error when attempting to save your payment info,
see our support article "
Error - Can't Save "Payment Info"  for further instructions.


5. Review information under “Business Info”

From the “Profile” page, navigate to the Business Info tab. All information entered here should be accurate and up-to-date. Please note that the e-mail listed under “Business Contact” is our primary mode of contacting merchants, so please make sure that this contact and your "Customer Service" contact are both listed correctly. For more information on where your notifications are sent, please reference this support article

Are you using the correct Legal Business Name?


In the Business Info section, the name listed under "Legal Full Name" must exactly match the Legal Business Name associated with your banking information. If this information is NOT currently accurate, you must request to have this information updated before you can finish activating your Gateway account. 

If your Legal Business Name is not currently listed accurately, open a ticket with our support team.  

6. Read and confirm “Terms & Agreement”

Finally, from the “Profile” page, navigate to the Terms & Agreement tab. Open up the Merchant Agreement.

To complete our Terms & Agreement, merchants must click both check-boxes AND read through the linked “Groupon Goods Marketplace Merchant Agreement."


7. Review and confirm Price Bands

Price Bands allow Groupon to automatically adjust merchant prices within the price band range based on publicly available competitor information. As detailed in your Merchant Agreement, All merchants are by default opted into “Price Bands” at the default range +/- 10%. 

Price Bands levels can be adjusted up or down at your discretion, between 0 - 100%. To opt-out of the Price Bands matching automation service, the account owner should set the Price Band percentage to 0.  

More questions? See our full library of Gateway support materials.