This guide will assist you in finding and reconciling merchant invoices in CommerceInterface (CI) under the “Remittance Center” tab. From here, you will find your invoices sorted out by the following categories: “Paid”, “Waiting For Payment” and “Deductions”. 

Start by logging onto CI ( When prompted with a world map, select the United States as the country of choice.

Once the country is selected, you will be directed to a login page. Here, you should enter the same credentials used for your Gateway account. You will have to choose which account you would like to access from the dropdown menu. The accounts listed should be your First and Third-Party accounts. You should now be successfully logged into CI!

Navigating the Remittance Center in Commerce Interface

The Remittance Center (RC) in Commerce Interface (CI) gives an overview of your invoices. While logged into CI, click on the Remittance Center icon in the left-hand navigation menu.  


Activity Summary in the Remittance Center

  • When navigating to the RC, a summary box will appear in the top-left corner showing an overview of activity from the last 31 days

  • Below the summary box, you will see a detailed account of orders that have been paid, orders waiting for payment, and deductions.

  • Use the Search function next to the Export tab to search for specific invoices. 
  • Search an invoice number in the Groupon Invoice Number field and then select Search.
  • If you have searched for a valid invoice number, you should see the invoice appear under the Paid or Waiting for Payment sections.

Invoice Statuses in the Remittance Center

  • Invoices are listed by status in the Remittance Center. There are 3 invoice statuses:
    • Paid: Invoices that have been paid
    • Waiting on Payment: Invoiced but not paid
    • Deductions: Any refunds due to returns or cancelations, co-op fees or non-compliance chargebacks.

  • In the Paid section, there are 2 dates: Invoice Date and Expected Payment Date, and 2 amounts: Invoiced Amount and Paid Amount.
    • The Invoice Date refers to the date that an invoice is processed. This date should be a Saturday.
    • The Expected Payment Date is the date you should receive payment. Please note that this is an expected date, not guaranteed. Our Accounts Payable team issues payments every Wednesday for Marketplace. Other situations could affect the Expected Payment Date, such as if it falls on a holiday, non-business day, or the last 5 business days of the month.
    • The Invoiced Amount and Paid Amount will only differ if any deductions are applied to the invoice. 

Exporting Invoices in the Remittance Center

  • Click on the Export tab at the top of the page.

  • You will receive a notice that your download has been queued

  • Once a red circle appears on the Exports/Imports icon in the left-hand navigation menu, your export file is ready. Select the icon. 

  • You will be taken to the download page. Select Download.

  • Upon opening the export file, you will have access to the requested data from the RC. You will notice that there are 6 tabs in the export file::
    • Summary: This tab will provide you with a general overview of your remittance data. 
    • Invoices: This tab will provide you with a general overview of your invoices by date, amount and status.
    • Item Details: This tab will provide you with a detailed line item view of your invoices, including tax, commission, net amount and more. 
    • Return Details: This tab will provide you with a detailed line item view of your returned and canceled units as well crucial information to help you reconcile, like the Applied To and Accrued On invoices. 
      • The Applied To invoice refers to the invoice that the deduction is being applied to. 
      • The Accrued On invoice refers to the original invoice that the return was processed on. You can use the Accrued On invoice to cross-reference the Deductions and Return Details tabs. 
    • Line Items Waiting Ship: This tab will provide you with an overview of your line items that have not yet been shipped.

When Orders Are Invoiced 

The following requirements must be met before an order will be invoiced:

  • A supported carrier and corresponding carrier code must be used to fulfill the order. All orders fulfilled with unsupported carriers will not be eligible for payment. Please see our supported carriers list here

  • Tracking must:
    • Be uploaded to Commerce Interface (CI) by the Due On Date
    • Show movement on the carrier’s website within 1 Business Day of the tracking upload date.
    • Show as delivered to the correct destination on the carrier’s website within 6 Days of the date the order is placed. 

An order is processed for payment when the tracking number shows movement on the carrier's website. Movement does not always include the initial updates on the carrier's website, such as "label created” or “en route to distribution facility.” Please note that different carriers may have different signals for movement.

When Orders Are Not Invoiced 

If an order does not get invoiced, it might be because: 

Multiple-Qty Orders 

Multiple-quantity orders will only be invoiced when they have been successfully fulfilled. For an order to be successfully fulfilled, not only will the order have to be shipped with a supported carrier and show movement, but you must also update the "shipped quantity" field to reflect the items you have shipped. If you upload tracking and keep the quantity at 1, but the order was placed with a quantity of 3, that order will not be successfully fulfilled.

Please note that the order details in CI will show "Revenue" per 1 quantity. It may appear that you are not receiving the full and correct amount for a multiple-quantity order but as long as your order is successfully fulfilled, your invoice will include the full amount for the quantity ordered.


You can read more about multiple-quantity orders here

How and When Invoices Are Processed for Payment

Invoices are processed weekly on Saturdays. Payments are issued every Wednesday by our Accounts Payable team. If any expected payment date falls on a holiday or a weekend, payment will be processed on the next business day. If any expected payment date falls within the last 5 business days of the month, payment will be processed on the first business day of the following calendar month. 

Multiple invoices may be combined into one payment if more than one invoice is processed at the same time. This includes both positive and negative invoices.

How Refunds and Other Groupon Fees Are Processed

Refunds due to cancelations and returns will be processed once they are marked as canceled or returned in CI. They will be listed as a “deduction” in the Remittance Center (RC) and included in a negative invoice. Multiple refunds may be included in one negative invoice. If you believe there were refunds processed due to cancelations and returns that were not authorized by you, please submit a support ticket and we will let you know why a refund was issued. 

Other Groupon fees will be listed as deductions in the RC and applied to positive invoices as well. 

Because we cannot deduct funds from your bank account, negative invoice amounts will be applied to positive invoices that are of equal or greater amounts.

Best Practices